"Secutech Fourteenth Taipei International Security Expo" is Asia's most international security trade event, will be held at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall in April 2011 20-22 May, the levy from the lively exhibition!

Organizer Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media, said: mutual integration of access control / biometrics / RFID technology with other security control systems, will expand the applications and services, development potential, bring enormous business opportunities. Access control access control system includes networked, card reader, high-capacity data storage technology and control hosts, is widely used in airports, hotels and asset management. The RFID radio frequency identification technology, provides many security applications, such as ID tags, tracking and sensing, in the fast-growing ASEAN countries grow particularly fast. In addition, biometric technology can be used to identify traffic, provide bone, iris, face and palm prints and other options; experts pointed out that the next decade biometric technology will gradually replace the traditional magnetic cards.

Secutech 2011 leading to grasp future trends and business opportunities, build Asia's largest "access control / biometrics / RFID Zone", is expected to attract more than 70 well-known international brands and Asia leading brand exhibitors, including Fingertec, Giga TMS, GUNNEBO, HID, JackPro, KLA System, Rotasun, Syris technology, UWC, VGSE, WIT, seven Dwarfs, CASTLE, SOCA, Taiwan letter, Fu Seoul, leaning Chen, Han, Hua Yu Ning, Peng Ji et al., display 116 stalls offering the most complete product and services, including IP card readers, IP access control system solutions, home automation systems, parking management systems, facial recognition systems, fingerprint identification systems, palm vein technology, intercoms and electronic magnetic locks, RFID related products attract buyers the ball came to visit and purchase.

In addition, Secutech Show more special programs: "Asia Wisdom Building Technology Development Forum and Equipment Exhibition" will be invited to Taiwan / Chinese / Japanese / Korean representative symposium way to discuss the wisdom of building the status of science and technology development in Asia and the future, and the other invited firms published Cabling new construction methods and architectural wisdom / wisdom home planning and design practices, provide the latest technology and industry information. Wherein "Wisdom parking system", "digital meter", "LED device", "Sustainable energy-saving devices" is the focus of display equipment display area, will provide system integrators, builders, consultants smarter buildings more environmentally friendly energy-related equipment, new construction methods as well as creative applications!